Draft Dog Exercises

all exercises are performed off lead


The Advanced Draft Test is a single course of at least 450 yards, containing eleven different exercises. The course tests the dog’s ability to perform advanced maneuvers under tighter, more controlled circumstances. The dog and handler enter the course with the dog already hitched and the load already secured in the cart. The judges will briefly check the equipment and will then tell the handler to take the course.
The course includes (in any order):

Back Through Adjustable Narrows
the dog backs through an 8-foot narrow area


Moving Stand
the handler tells the dog to stand/stay while the handler continues to move 10 feet away and turn to face the dog. The judge runs a hand over the dog, which must stay in place, then the handler calls the dog to them.


Ninety Degree Back Up
The dog backs the cart in a 90 degree turn where the inside tire must stay in a 24 inch lane.


Ninety Degree Turns (left and right)
The dog performs 90 degree turns (left and right) keeping the inside tire in an 18 inch lane.


Pass Through Removable Obstacle
The handler stops the dog 4 feet from the removable obstacle, removes the obstacle and stands to one side of the obstacle. The handler tells the dog to pass through the obstacle until the back of their cart is 4 feet from the obstacle. The handler tells the dog to stop and returns the obstacle.

The dog performs a serpentine pulling the cart around 4 markers without hitting them.

The dog performs a U turn while keeping the inside tire in an 18 inch lane.

Driven Figure 8
The handler stands behind the cart and instructs the dog to enter and complete a figure 8 maneuver while the handler remains behind the cart until the cart leaves the figure 8.

Weight Exchange
(this exercise must take place somewhere in the middle of the course) The dog must stay while the handler exchanges their weight in the cart for one provided by the test committee. It must be secured with materials that the handler carries with them.

Drag Away Removable Obstacle
The dog is unhitched from the apparatus, hitched instead to an obstacle 10-25 lb in weight, drags it at least 10 feet out of the way, and is then hitched once again to the apparatus.


Team Division
Dogs who have passed the single division at a previous test may enter the team division. The exercises are the same, except that two or more dogs work together performing the exercises at the same time and the weight is increased.
All exercises are scored Pass or Fail based on the standards of performance as outlined in the Draft Test Regulations.
Dogs who pass all exercises are awarded the title “Draft Dog Excellent (DDX)” or “Team Draft Dog Excellent (TDDX)” by the Newfoundland Club of America.