Illustrated Guide for the Newfoundland Dog

an official publication of the Newfoundland Club of America

The purpose of this guide is to help judges, breeders and laymen better understand the Standard for the mature Newfoundland dog.The Standard is the set of criteria by which a dog of a specific breed is to be evaluated while standing and moving. Type comprises those characteristics, which distinguish the Newfoundland from other breeds. Proper evaluation of type and soundness takes years of study and experience. In its application to actual dogs, the Standard is inevitably subject to interpretation. It is on the basis of a consensus of individual interpretations over time that the breed either changes or maintains its status quo. Each judge at a dog show interprets the Standard based upon personal likes and dislikes. Similarly, each breeder emphasizes in his breeding program those characteristics he interprets as most important.The Newfoundland is a swimmer, hauler and gentle companion. The Standard is built around these traits. This publication attempts to explain the relationship of each trait to a specific function essential to it.

Over the years many breeds have changed, and breed clubs have changed standards to fit new types and interpretations. The original Newfoundland Standard is over 100 years old and while modifications have been made in the interest of clarity, its essentials remain unchanged. The intention of this guide is to keep the Newfoundland as it has been over the years---large, strong and active; at home in water and on land, with his natural life-saving instincts…a multi-purpose dog, capable of heavy work as well as a devoted companion for child and man.

Quotes from the Breed Standard will appear in bold and commentary on the breed standard will appear in italics in this presentation.