Judges Education Mentors

The following are suggested by the NCA Judges' Education Committee as mentors for prospective Newfoundland judges and for breed presentations at meetings and seminars. Please enter your zip code below to get a listing of the Breed Mentors closest to you.

Criteria for Becoming A Mentor

To be considered for listing by the Judges Education Committee on the NCA Breed Mentor List, a person must meet the following basic criteria:

1. Owned and exhibited Newfoundlands for a minimum of fourteen (14) years.

2. Bred five litters resulting in five champions as a sole breeder, not co-breeder, unless the co-breeder resides at the same premises.

3. Attends specialties

4. Has attended at least two parent club approved Newfoundland seminars, one of which must be one given at a national specialty.

5. Must be an NCA member in good standing

Additional criteria considered by the JEC for becoming a Breed Mentor include:

1. For purposes of educating prospective Newfoundland judges, candidates should possess an in-depth understanding of the Standard as demonstrated by all or some of the following:

A. Has shown skills as an approved, provisional or sweepstakes judge at specialties.

B. Has consistently bred and shown dogs of excellent quality.

C. Has owned or produced ROM dogs.

D. Has demonstrated an ability to recognize type while informally observing dogs

E. Is willing to demonstrate ability to critique a Newfoundland in front of a group

2. Candidate should have objectivity which includes the ability to recognize that, while there is only one correct type, there may be many acceptable styles.

3. Candidate should possess good communications skills.

4. Willingness to travel to make presentations at judges’ study groups.


All AKC approved Newfoundland judges, for whom Newfoundlands are their primary breed, will be on the list of Breed Mentors if they desire to participate. United States residency is not a necessary requirement to being a Breed Mentor.

All NCA members who wish to become Breed Mentors, and believe that they have met the aforementioned criteria, should make application to the JEC, documenting their qualifications. A two-thirds approval of the present, voting JEC, meeting at their annual meeting, will be necessary to be put on the list.

Click here to download a JEC Application.